Dear Rotarian,
I  would like first to thank you for visiting our site in which we provide the information regarding our shoes.
We are happy to say in advance that these innovative business shoes are the result of many years of our experience.
Our aim is to blend the great ITALIAN LIFE STYLE , that means quality, fashion, craftsmanship, elegance, with new evolved materials, in order to offer you a line of business shoes that can provide great comfort, performances and the pleasure of wearing them.


The production process is entirely MADE IN ITALY


located in the heart of our Country, where generations of artisans have consolidated their vocation and capability of making top quality shoes,using Italian components.
The UPPER  of the shoes is made in Great Calf Leather, coming from tanneries in Tuscany, the land of the beautiful Florence.
The LINING  that wraps your feet  is in sandwich Eco Active fabric, that insulate and facilitate the air circulation
The performant INSOLE is a compound made with Leather, foam and gel. It grants comfort,ventilation and protects the articulations from the impact against the land at every step ( shock absorber).
The OUTSOLE is in full Leather, inserts with rubber, suitable for any weather. The HEEL with rivets,has the inside corner sliced to avoid to  stumble when walking on a floor carpet.
The ROTARY Emblem is engraved piece by piece with laser.
We purposely concentrated the collection in four models in two color each ( black or dark brown ) as they fit perfectly for any circumstance, both business and social life.
Finally we would like to underline that wearing these beautiful Italian shoes you will show to the world your support to ROTARY INTERNATIONAL.
Many thanks for your attention and your choice
Gabriele Grandini